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 Certified Spiritual Advisor & Psychic Medium

Everybody has a chosen a pathway that is taken in their lifetime. Each stepping stone should be celebrated that brings joy, love, learning, growing, despair, and even tragedy. God gives each us the free will to choose which stepping stones that we experience during a lifetime. Michelle has always chosen a career that has helped others heal in different situations. Her intuition blossomed in her 20’s and visitations from the spirit world began to increase. Wanting to understand what was happening, she enrolled in different psychic classes. As she embraced her spiritual growth, she was able to use these skills to help special needs families. Her journey to becoming a professional spiritualist began when she retired from education. On the next stepping stone, Michelle is able to show others her authentic self as a psychic, medium, coach,  healer, and a spirit artist. Her goal is to use the gifts that God has given her to help guide others through their pathway to spiritual insight and to spiritual healing.

Michelle is known for her powerful gift of spirit art. She will draw the image of your loved one during your medium reading with her. She also creates colorful and specific Auragraph storyboards in her psychic readings. Whether you are receiving a medium or psychic reading, you will not only leave with clarity but with an art piece that will memorialize your experience.

Michelle has taken Psychic & Mediumship Training through: 

Certified Psychic Medium @Lisa Williams School

Tracey Escabor- Red Couch Medium

Coby Rebel

Lisa Williams

Joeseph Shield

Navigating in Woods
I had the most helpful reading with Stepping Stones to Spiritual Guidance - Michelle Hende
Cheers to Spirit 
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I had the most helpful reading with Stepping Stones to Spiritual Guidance - Michelle Hende