Coaching Services


A Spiritual Coach supports & guides you on how to get in touch with your authentic self so that you can discover your purpose, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, bust limiting beliefs & remove roadblocks. 

A Grief Coach supports you during mourning & guides you into recovery. It is an innovative approach to grief support, tailored to unique & individual needs of the grieve, with someone who understands how loss impacts every part of life. 

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Spiritual Coach Services
  • Do you feel that you are psychic or a medium & you want to strengthen your intuitive abilities? 

  • Are you "stuck & feel disconnected from your true self-purpose? 

  • Is the same problem/problems repeating itself over & over in your life? 

  • Is the life that you desire seem impossible under your circumstances? 

  • Discover new strategies that will assist you on your journey's pathway. 

Let me assist & guide you on your journey to deep discovery! 

$200.00 per Month will provide: 

  • 1 free 30 min. consultation meeting to determine if spiritual coaching sessions are for you. 

  • 1 X per week 60-minute Zoom/phone conversation.

  • Individual Goals will guide the coaching program.

  • Exercises each week to fulfill your goals. 

  • You decide when you want to stop services. 

  • You can buy more time if needed. 

  • Do you need someone to help guide you when you grieve or mourn? 

  • Do you need someone to empower you to see life from a new perspective with more possibilities? 

  • Do you need someone to talk to besides a family member? 

  • Do you need someone to motivate you on a daily basis? 

Let me guide you through your transition to a different life. 

$200.00 per Month will provide: 
  • 1 free 30 min. consultation to determine if Grief Coaching is for you. 
  • 60 minutes per-week Zoom/phone meetings (Meetings will be different in duration.) 
  • Individual Exercises/strategies each week
  • Personal motivational messages sent each day. 
  • You decide when you want to stop services. 
Grief Coach Services