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8 Signs of a Medium

Many of the parents of highly intuitive children that I work with discover for themselves that they may have signs of being a medium. Could more people in our communities be able to connect and communicate with the spiritual world and not realize that they are a medium? When individuals experience a paranormal or a spiritual event, they do not talk about it to others since they are afraid to be mocked, shunned, or made fun of. These eight signs of being a medium are only common signs and not the full description or characteristics of what a medium is.

1. Reflect on your childhood memories. Did you have any imaginary friends? Were you afraid of the dark at bedtime since you could feel a presence in the room with you? Were you able to see and visit a deceased family member?

Lisa Williams, a psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and best-selling author played with a boy and girl spirit in her bedroom when she was a young child. From the corner of her bedroom, an elderly gentleman spirit watcher her play with them. On one occasion, this gentleman followed Lisa as she joined her family for dinner. He screamed at her not to eat her peas, since she would die if she ate them. Frightened, she told her mother, but her mother could not see the man. Lisa was confused-she could see the man standing right beside her. She continued to tell her family about paranormal incidents she experienced, but they felt she had an “overactive imagination.”

1 Have you always had an interest in the paranormal or divination such as angel cards, tarot cards, crystals, or other divination tools?

2. Do you hear the voices of spirits in your head? Are these spirits trying to communicate with you or is it a conversation among themselves? Do you see different images, symbols, or short movie clips in your head?

3. Do you have vivid dreams or reoccurring dreams? Have you been visited by a deceased loved one in a dream?

4. Do you identify with other mediums that you have met or seen on social media?

5. Have you asked a deceased loved one for an answer to a life situation and received an answer?

6. Have you received information for a friend and you don’t know where it came from?

7. Do you feel pulled to develop your own mediumship abilities to help others, become more spiritual, and fine-tune your mediumship abilities?

If you answered yes to many of these questions it is time for you to embrace who you truly are and not to be afraid of your mediumship abilities. If you are ready to accept your mediumship abilities and become a professional medium, you need to find a mentor who teaches mediumship. Remember, you are not alone when you experience paranormal and spiritual events. Isn’t it time to embrace your true self and let the world recognize it?

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