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Adding Color to Your Life

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Why should you add color to your life?

Colors have different frequencies that can be used to heal us physically, spiritually, and heal our psychological issues. Colors are all around us and can change the way that we feel and react in different situations. As children, we had the intuitive knowledge to use color to enhance our lives! When life becomes more difficult, we need the energy of color to enrich our lives in many ways.

Connection with Color and Frequencies

Using color as a medical practice has been used since 2000 BC. Colored light was used by the Pythagoras therapeutically. Ancient Egypt, China, and India would utilize color in the halls that were contained in their structures for healing. Dr. Edwin Babbitt is known as the modern founder of the principles of color therapy. Basic Principles of Rainbow Healing was introduced by Dr. Babbitt in 1878. He conducted several experiments with water, sun, colored jars and colored lenses and discovered that water becomes medicated by even colored rays of light that come from the sun. Filling colored jars with distilled water and placing the jars, you can manipulate matter by alternating vibrational frequencies through applied color or sound. People have taken the principle of Rainbow Healing by drinking the colored water (solarized water) that corresponds with the color of the Chakra energy center to help balance the chakras.

Issac Newton created the first color wheel and named the word “spectrum” in his 1671 book, Opticks. He divided the spectrum into 7 sections which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and indigo. The Greek sophists influenced Issac to develop these 7 color sections and to correlate the colors with the days of the week, musical notes, and the known objects in the universe.

Frequencies of Colors:

RED: 430-480 THz

ORANGE: 480-510 THz

YELLOW: 510-540 THz

GREEN: 540-580 THz

BLUE: 610-670 THz

VIOLET: 670-750 THz

This spectrum also correlates with the energy chakras. Each chakra has a particular part of the body and is associated with and stimulated by certain emotions in specific colors. These colors have different frequencies of light waves that will affect different frequencies of our bodies. Color therapy is a technique that restores the imbalance by absorbing the colors into the body. This color technique can also be used on a person who is blind since he does not need to see the color with his eyes.

Color therapy can be integrated into the food we eat, vitamins, herbs, the clothes we wear, our environment, aromatherapy, sound, stones, crystals, and color. In-depth information will be given on each color therapy technique through different blogs. I invite you to learn more about Color Therapy so that you can increase positive attributes into your life! When was the last time that you picked up a crayon and colored?

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