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Spirit Art

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Since I have begun a new journey of becoming a spiritual artist, I wanted to complete some research on the definition, history, and what inspires others to use their art abilities to conquer the mysteries of the spiritual worlds.

What is Spiritual Art?

Artist who completes spiritual art is inspired by the spiritual world. As the art work is completed, the artist is able to communicate with the spiritual realm while using the unconscious mind. NLA Design and Visual Arts describes spiritual art as “visually depicts and communicates the artist's spiritual beliefs, or reflects, or opposes, the spiritual doctrines of the ruling ideologies. It often reflects the desire to push behind the veil of appearance to the other side and to seek the hidden things in nature and life…. The inner spiritual side of nature and life. Mystic art is created through the guidance of spiritual beings, or through visions received by the artist.”

History of Spiritual Art

When learning art history, it is apparent that most of the art is classified as spiritual art. The Modernism and the Avant Garde Art Movements paved the way for artists to use their own spiritual views. Many historians believe that artists who created cave paintings were shamans or priests. Religious art contained symbolism that depicted specific belief systems.

How does this relate to using Spirit Art in Mediumship?

Spiritualism became popular in the United States in 1848 due to the Fox Sisters who resided in New York. The sisters claimed to have made contact with a spirit that was murdered in their home. In Spiritualism, the medium connects and helps to communicate messages from the spirit world to people who are living. Mediums can also allow the spirit to control their body. The spirit then can communicate in different ways such as speaking directly or by using automatic writing/drawing. Francisco (Chico) Xavior was born in 1910, and wrote over 490 books and thousands of letters through automatic writing. Allan B. Campbell (1833-1919) and Charles Campbell (Charles Shourds) lived in Lily Dale, New York and were known as the Campbell brothers. Their mediumship included slate writing, and spirit typewriting. They are famous for their spirit portraits and painting.

Creating Spirit Portraits

All mediums follow a different process as they create a spiritual portrait. They spend years perfecting their communication and methods with the spirit world. A spirit artist helps to validate that a loved one has connected. People need to remember that a medium is a channel to the spiritual world, and all of the information that is drawn comes from the spirit and not from the medium. When this energy connection is made, the medium has no control of which spirit communicates with them.

When I connect with the spirit world to draw a portrait, I always draw the eyes first. I mentally hear (clairaudience) what color of eyes the spirit had when he/she was living.

As I draw, I ask specific questions about the spirit such as:

  1. Were you female or male?

  2. How were you related to this person?

  3. What were your hobbies or how did you have fun?

  4. What type of career did you have?

  5. What type of personality did you have?

  6. Can you give me information about my family?

  7. What is a memory that you shared with this person?

  8. What healing message do you want to give?

While drawing, I also ask the spirit to give me physical characteristics that he/she wants me to draw. When I am finished drawing, I reflect for a few minutes and listen to spirit to determine if any changes need to be made. I will feel a sense of accomplishment when the portrait is completed. Frequently, I have drawn a portrait of a spirit guide. When this occurs, there are more messages or advice than there is information about a spirit’s life.

Why do mediums decide to become a spiritual artist?

“Art is a path to being spiritual” Piet Mondrian

Art has always been a tool that has been used throughout history for self-expression, therapy, connecting with others, political or religious acknowledgement. When a medium draws a portrait of a spirit that has crossed over, it becomes not only a validation of an after-life, but also helps the loved ones left behind heal.

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