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Being Grateful Through the Good, Bad, & Ugly Times

We enter this world through a tragic event called birth. As babies, we spend approximately 9 months in a warm, cozy, and nurturing environment. Suddenly, we are introduced to a cold, very bright, and noisy place. Our bodies grow as we learn from the different experiences that we have along our life’s pathway. Some of us will be nurtured, protected, and loved. Then, some of us will be raised in a hostile home where we can only survive.

Many times, it is difficult for us to be grateful for everything that we have experienced during our life journey. Being grateful means that we say,” Thank you for being in my life.” Can we be grateful for not only for the joyful things in life, but also the tribulations that we go through?

D. Neil Elliott, the author of A Higher Road, discussed his gratitude for situations in his life that he had to face as a child on the podcast, Michelle’s Inspiration Hour.

“I felt sorry for myself. I had success in different areas of my life. But, had hard times with things that I experienced as a child. Today, I look back and I am grateful for everything that happened. I know that we are here for the evolutionary process of the soul to learn the lessons we need to learn as a soul. The lessons we need to learn as a soul will wake us up to whom we really are and to begin this process-to transcend our ego and come back to the truth.”

Another guest on the podcast, Michelle’s Inspiration Hour, Christin Malek, shared the years of physical and mental abuse that she experienced and how she found gratitude. Christine is the founder of SASSI Coach.

“After all the abuse that I went through, I knew that I had guidance. I did not know it at that time. I should not be alive today. My angels think differently. They have bigger and better things for me. I finally realized this is where I’m supposed to be. This is what I’m supposed to do. This is my path. This is my purpose in life. This is why I survived all those things.”

We need to remember the grateful and joyful times so that we can get through those difficult times. Reflecting on the memories, events, and situations that we are grateful for or still working through is important. As a result, we can begin to understand the lessons that we learned and how to heal our soul along our journey.

Gratitude Door Exercise:

1. Find a door in your house that visitors cannot see.

2. Write down memories, situations, and things that you are grateful for on bright yellow/green sticky notes. Start each sentence with, “I am grateful for.” Reflect on not only the positive aspects but also think of the negative aspects that you are grateful for. You may want to write about the lessons that you learned.

3. For the memories, situations, and things that you cannot be grateful for and still trying to heal from, write a sentence that describes this on a blue/pink sticky note. This gives you the power to know that you cannot be grateful for it at this time in your life and to accept this.

Even though we experience trauma in our lives we are able to power through these experiences with vigor, strength, and courage. This is what makes us human. Yes, we can be grateful for the good, bad, and ugly.


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