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Breathing Techniques for Children

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

When something frightens us or makes us anxious, our natural fight-or-flight instincts are to stop breathing, freeze, or run away. Breathing techniques can calm and center children who are nervous, restless, or fearful. If a child who has psychic abilities learns breathing techniques and uses them, whenever a supernatural event arises, they can respond by using their favorite breathing technique to calm themselves down.

These children can be taught these breathing techniques as they complete yoga poses, or with the use of bubbles, a feather, or a pinwheel to augment the breathing method. In learning how to control their breathing during these stressful techniques, just as dancers develop muscle memory when completing the sequence of dance movements.

Using the drawings below, children can be asked to follow the directions as they follow the shape.

As the children take a breath in, ask them to imagine a beautiful color that represents happiness, joy, and calmness filling their lungs. As they breathe out, ask them to imagine a color that represents stress, anxiety, or fear leaving their bodies.

Learning breathing techniques has many benefits for not only children but adults as well. Healthy breathing will keep our minds, bodies, and souls balanced, nurtured, and happy. We can stay calm in difficult situations, keeps ourselves focused, sustain our attention while learning, and we can make better choices. Our children with psychic abilities will be able to feel more in control when they face a spiritual, and paranormal experiences. Are you ready to create a daily breathing routine for your child?

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