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Could I be Intuitive as well?

The answer to this thought-provoking question is YES!

Everyone is born not only spiritually but also intuitively. We are also born with free will and how we choose to use this intuitiveness might be different than others. You may choose to use your natural intuitiveness on a daily basis and help you make life choices. You may use it as a way to tune into your spiritual journey. Or, you may choose to use your intuitive abilities as a professional light worker.

If you are witnessing your child exhibiting characteristics with strong intuitive abilities, you may also realize that you have similar abilities. Many people who experience intuitive situations throughout their lives judge them as being coincidental, and not due to synchronicity experiences. Reflect on different spiritual events that have happened in your life. Have you felt what others are feeling? Have you know what others are thinking? Have you had vivid dreams? Have you been able to feel different energies around you? Knowledge is powerful so do your research after you remember past experiences that might be indicating that you are indeed intuitive.

Ellen Edmondson is a parent of a highly intuitive child that was featured on A & E due to his abilities. She began to have a spiritual awakening when her son was learning how to embrace his intuitive abilities. He told her, “Mom, I can’t be me if you can’t be you. Stop hiding.” Words from a wise child! Families who nurture each member’s spiritual path grow and will find spiritual wellness together.

Now you have discovered that you are intuitive. How will you choose to use this new aspect of your true self?


10 Signs You're an Intuitive and Don't know it. Author: Lissa Rankin, M.D.

Ellen Edmondson Website (Highly Intuitive Kids)

Read, Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children, to learn more about how you can embrace your child's intuitive abilities.


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