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Creating Your Life’s Canvas

As children, we imagine and dream about what we want to become. Many of us visualize ourselves as becoming a bus driver, a firefighter, a conductor of a train, and a veterinarian. There is countless careers that a child can imagine themselves becoming until reality awakens us. Sometimes our dreams are short-lived and become disappointments.

When an artist picks up a paintbrush and begins to paint on a canvas, their final creation may turn out completely different than what they anticipated. Michaell Magrutsche, the author of The Smart Art, stated, “When you paint, you talk to your unconscious self. The product of the conversation is the painting, music, or poem. These are the results of the conversation that you had with your unconscious.” So, what happens if we don’t listen to our unconscious mind?

Many of us choose a career due to ambition, and we settle for something that may make our life overwhelming, unfulfilled, and makes us unhappy. Our society teaches us to be determined, and to move up that “corporate ladder.” Unfortunately, this type of lifestyle can lead to devastating effects and could lead to physical or mental illness. Author of Corporate Dropouts, Patricia Lindner, has stated “We are co-creators of our reality and we need to accept our limitations and spend time to know who we really are. Each day I ask myself these questions. Am I feeling joyful and does this feel aligned with my soul?”

Since we have life tasks that take up more time than we can handle, burnout becomes an element added to our life’s journey. We start to doubt ourselves, lose our self-worth, have feelings of isolation, have sleepless nights, and develop feelings of dread and hopelessness. Dana Sardano, author of Beyond the Ten, Decoding the Woo Woo, says, “The power is within us! We experience the good, bad, and ugly, but sometimes, it is in our best interest so that we can learn and expand. We can change as long as we see the value in ourselves. You can overcome and accomplish!”

We need to compare what our childhood canvas looks like to our adult canvas. Do you feel the same joy as you did as a child? If not, recreate your canvas. What will you paint this time on your canvas? Are you ready to listen to your unconscious mind and align your life to your soul signature? What are you waiting for? Create the life that you have always wanted!

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