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Effective Communication for Lightworkers

Communicating with others is a skill set that many people have to learn and practice in different social situations. As a lightworker, being able to communicate, is essential to help clients heal. When I complete psychic or mediumship readings with my clients, I have learned that I can build trust with my clients if they understand what I am receiving from the spirit world. In return, they feel more relaxed, accept the information and messages from the readings, and are able to express their emotions for healing to take place.

In the social world, there are different ways that we communicate with one another. Verbal and non-verbal language are the primary ways that people express themselves. Using verbal communication, we can speak our truth, and knowledge that we have learned, partake in reciprocal conversation and let others know how we feel about them. With non-verbal language, we are able to show others our feelings with facial expressions or with our body language.

Brenden Kumarasamy, the founder of Master Talk, describes that there are three ways that we can improve our ways to communicate. First, we can master the art of mirroring. When everyone gets ready in the morning to start their day, they have to look into the mirror. Will you start your day being positive or negative? People will project their feelings on others, so it is important to keep your energy as positive as possible. Secondly, we can adapt our energy levels to the people that we are visiting. If your client is displaying low-level energy, you may want to stay calm instead of being energetic. Finally, you should practice vocalizing your words and the way that you have conversations with others. Frequently, I practice explaining what will be taking place during the reading in front of my mirror so this explanation sounds natural when I share it with the client.

Many times, I will have a client who appears to be in a great mood in the way that they are expressing themselves. They are smiling, giggling, and sitting as if they are ready for me to begin the reading. As a lightworker, I have learned that I need to acknowledge how my clients are presenting themselves in the physical world, but question, “How does their aura or energy feel on a soul-to-soul level?” This form of communication is vital for a lightworker! Connecting with a client’s aura will allow communication to go deeper and more spiritual with your client. And yes, this is when healing takes place!

Remember, effective communication for a light worker will include different methods such as verbal language, non-verbal language, and soul-to-soul connections.


Brenden Kumarasamy (the founder of Master Talk)

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