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Kaleidoscope Children

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

First Generation

It all started in the late 1960s, when Nancy Ann Tappe coined the term “Indigo Child”. Nancy could see auras around people, and noticed that many children she worked with had the color indigo dominant in their auras. So, she named them “Indigo Children.” Her belief was that this new generation of children were spiritually evolved souls who were reincarnated to help humans evolve spiritually. These children are known to be warriors and fight for what is right.

Second Generation

The second generation of intuitive children are known as Crystal children and are born after 1995 according to Doren Virtue. The term “Crystal Children” came to be since these children have developed high vibrations. These children are here to bring love and peace to the planet. Many of them have been diagnosed with Autism and have telepathic abilities.

Third Generation

The third generation of intuitive children are known as Rainbow children and are born after 2000. These children are called, “Rainbow Children” since they display happy and joyous auras that radiate colors of the rainbow. Rainbow children are born to assist in raising the vibration of our planet.

Each of these generations of psychic children have certain characteristics and specific life goals. I became fascinated and intrigued as I learned about each generation. Working with children as an educator, I taught several children who fit into these categories and wondered if they knew how spiritual they truly were. I specialized in Autism in the early 2000’s, and began to have spiritual connections with children under the Autism Spectrum. I used my claircognizance (sense of knowing) when I assisted in diagnosing, developing educational programs, and working with these children. I now realize that I even communicated with my non-verbal students through telepathic means.

The more I worked with Autism individuals the more I wanted to know about the spectrum. I came to the realization that our world needed these children and that we can learn from them. Many of these children who have language and social skill deficits are able to think logically and create technology that we could only dream of years ago.

To me, these children are similar to kaleidoscopes. If you look into a kaleidoscope, you can see the different geometric patterns and colors. Spiritually, there is a connection between these geometric patterns and sacred geometry. High frequencies of energy and light can be found in sacred geometry for spiritual healing, awakening, and transformation. Kaleidoscope children are consciously aware of these high frequencies and light. They can connect to this spiritual realm, and the world around us by decoding the symbols and colors that are found in this sacred geometry. They can see beyond the Earth’s dimension. These children are programmed and are here to assist in the transition of mankind’s spiritual awakening to a higher frequency level.

Do you know any “Kaleidoscope Children”?

Read Michelle Henderson’s book, Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children to find out how you can support children with psychic gifts.



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