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Open The Door!

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

“You weren’t made to replicate, obey, or stand in the shadow of another person. You were made to stand in your own power and find the truth in your Soul.”

~ Lonerwolf

Why is it so difficult for people to be their true selves? How many people in your life REALLY know who you are? The society that you live in has more influence on the way that you behave and the life decisions that you make. Societies develop their own cultural norms for their members so there are no misunderstandings on how to behave. These members will conform to the rues and their behaviors become predicted. Being humans, we need regulated rules to follow in society so that we know our consequences to our actions. Children learn quickly there are consequences to behaviors that are not socially appropriate. People who go against the rules are looked at as defiant individuals.

We want to “follow the rules” and be accepted in our societies. Who does not care if they are liked and accepted? Many of these people decided to “hide themselves” and will not come “out of the closet”. Different groups form in societies that share different beliefs, and interests of the social norms. These groups can become powerful and can change the way that societies view different ideologies.

My Uncle Ron was one of these individuals. He grew up in a conservative town, and his family followed society's rules. My grandparents were so proud of him when he graduated from Harvard and when he moved to New York to start his life. They would go and visit him and return with stories of how he and his girlfriend loved life in New York. My grandparents did not meet my uncle’s authentic self. It was difficult to live the gay lifestyle in the 60s. He moved to New York to find his own “society.” New York had gay communities where he could be authentic. His partner told me after my uncle’s death that he would look through the window to look at my grandparents. He wanted to meet them, but couldn’t. My uncle had a girlfriend pretend that they were dating. Six months before my uncle died, he was able to share his true self with his parents, and they were able to meet the love of his life. My grandparents were very accepting of Ron’s true self after he decided to come out of the closet. It was so sad that they had to wait to know who their son truly was. Uncle Ron wrote a book, Unruly Angels, about living as a homosexual in the 70s. The book was published after his death. What a true gift to society. Gay marriage was legalized in 2015 and I’m sure that he is smiling in heaven.

I learned a great deal from my Uncle’s life. It is frightening for so many people to show their true selves. Everyone wants to be accepted and loved. I compare my decisions with my uncle’s decisions. Once I retired from education, I decided to work as a professional psychic medium. I have found my own psychic community, and yes, there are others who will reject me once they find out who I truly am. However, I need to trust my family and friends. Wouldn’t it be a shame that they did not find out that I’m a loving caring individual that wants to help others heal spiritually? I have decided to open the door and come out of the closet. Are you ready to open the door and show the world your authentic self?

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