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Supporting Psychic Children

Did you know many of the famous psychic mediums were not supported as intuitive children?

Allison DuBois (on whose life the network television show Medium was based on) did not use her intuitive gifts until she was an adult. When she was six years old, Allison saw her deceased grandfather at the end of the bed. He told her to tell her mother he was no longer in pain; that she was still living. When she relayed the message to her mother, she told Allison to go back to bed.

The list of psychics and mediums who discovered their gifts as children is astounding. Lisa Williams, a psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and best-selling author played with a boy and girl spirit in her bedroom when she was a young child. From the corner of her bedroom, an elderly gentleman spirit watcher her play with them. On one occasion, this gentleman followed Lisa as she joined her family for dinner. He screamed at her not to eat her peas, since she would die if she ate them. Frightened, she told her mother, but her mother could not see the man. Lisa was confused-she could see the man standing right beside her. She continued to tell her family about the paranormal incidents she experienced, but they felt she had an “overactive imagination.”

The moments in which we question the purpose of our lives--when we ask ourselves why things happen in the world--are the same moments in which we connect with and align with the Divine. These moments define who we are. When we question our beliefs, we may feel disengaged from our loved ones, our religious sector, our day-to-day habits, and even our hobbies. Until we accept these new thoughts, ideas, and philosophies, confusion may overwhelm our emotions. When we accept who we are now life becomes exceptional-we can’t wait to see where our path may lead us.

In this same way, if we can guide our psychic children to accept the abilities they have, embrace their authentic selves, and experience what it feels like to be in harmony with the Divine, they too will expand their intuitive abilities beyond what they thought possible.

Purchase Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children: Training Parent to Embrace and Enhance Their Psychic Child’s Abilities to learn how to support children who are intuitive.

Resources/Further Information

Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children

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