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What is a Spiritual Family Service Plan?

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

If you are a psychic, medium, spiritual coach, or a lightworker and you have been wanting to work with families and their psychic and intuitive children, you may find yourself developing a Spiritual Family Service Plan to give you and the family guidance. The goal of a Family Service Plan is to educate families on how to embrace and nurture their child’s spiritual and gifted abilities. The method in which you deliver the information about the Family Service Plan will reinforce trust, strengthen the relationship between you and the parents, and assuage any fears the family may have. So, as much as you can, involve the parents in your work with their child.

Here are the suggested steps that you follow when completing a Spiritual Family Service Plan.

  1. Why did the family contact you?

  2. In-Take forms should be completed by the family. Information retrieved on the in-take form will provide past history and current history of the child that includes age, name, family’s religious preference, information about paranormal incidents, and how these incidents are affecting the child spiritually, socially, physically, and mentally.

  3. Develop a plan with goals, exercises, and techniques that will benefit the family and child.

  4. How many sessions per month should you schedule for the family?

  5. When should the Family Service Plan end? 6 weeks? 4 months?

  6. Develop a financial plan for the family. How much will the Family Service Plan cost?

  7. Re-evaluate the program. Is the program effective? Are the family goals met? Is it time to end the program?

  8. After the Family Service Plan is completed, does the family need to be placed on a monthly consultation basis?

Frequently, spirit will bring souls together who are experiencing similar journeys. Each family you will work with will have different needs, but spirit will be there to guide you. When customizing a Family Service Plan for each family, remember, set nothing in stone. There is always room to change any program so a particular scenario works for your clients.

Read Michelle Henderson's book, Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children, for more information on how to create a Spiritual Family Service Plan.


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