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Spiritual Nurturing for
Intuitive Children

Why Read the Book -

When you help someone embrace their intuitive gifts, your efforts will change their lives and will reap long-term rewards. Because they were supported by their families and acquired knowledge to help them feel safe, they will feel that they too can help change the world, one day at a time. As His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama stated:

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water,

he actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”

Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children


Training Parents to Embrace and

Enhance Their Psychic Child’s Abilities

Practical Exercises for Parents and Children 


If you are a psychic, medium, or spiritual coach, you have certainly come across families that were blessed with intuitive children. Wanting to work with these families, their children, and guiding them through the challenges that they need to overcome to embrace and enhance such psychic abilities is no easy task. 


In Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children, Michelle Henderson offers guidance to all sorts of healers on how to provide parents the tools and knowledge it requires to fully integrate psychic children into their families. With over thirty years of experience working with children as an M. Ed, Michelle presents the foundation of her work and believes that "looking at the world through a child's eyes" is important.


Children come into this world with a fresh perspective—they are as spiritual as anyone can be. Just as a seed planted in rich soil will grow into a beautiful flower, a child will grow strong in an environment that has the essentials they need to survive, such as food, water, shelter, and air. But with just the essentials, will a child’s spiritual growth increase as well? Children need physical and spiritual nurturing, and this book is about providing spiritual nourishment to children.


Parents, society, and communities can influence a child’s spiritual growth, and everyone who walks a spiritual path from an early age will find their true purpose in life. With practical exercises, offering insight to assist you in educating parents about elements of spirituality that will help every child fulfill his or her spiritual journey in all phases of their lives, Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children covers important topics such as:

  • Why parent training?

  • Accepting and welcoming the intuitive child

  • Encouraging the powerful role of parents

  • Navigating the challenges of raising psychic children

  • Fully integrating the family

  • Supporting spiritually evolved children in different life stages

  • Celebrating spiritual growth


What if instead of discouraging children’s spiritual growth, parents could be educated about the spiritual world? Embracing love, forgiveness, faith, and non-judgmental behavioral strategies will nourish the intuitive side of children and their families. Our world needs our children to understand what true love and acceptance really is.

Spirit Nurturing
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Spiritual Nurturing for
Intuitive Children

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Intuitive Children

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Spiritual Nurturing

“Our children are arriving into the world more awake, sensitive, connected and empathic than any generations who’ve come before. So, how do we support these exceptionally gifted kids and help them to grow into the conscious, contributing adults they are here to become? This book provides gentle, perceptive and most importantly accessible tools that parents and children can master together, to support and strengthen these amazingly gifted new generations. When we empower our children to work with their innate intuitive and spiritual gifts, we usher in a new awareness to the world.”

~ Sara Wiseman

Author of Your Psychic Child: How to Raise Intuitive & Spiritually Gifted Children of All Ages


“This book is very inspiring, because it speaks to the future of our universe, our children. Through her words, Henderson encourages and supports parents in helping to develop the intuitive and mediumistic abilities of their children. In not doing so, we cheat them and ourselves of the hope and healing they bring to our world to make it a better place.


Henderson’s book has a treasure trove of information, activities, and resources to help identify empathic, intuitive, and mediumistic children and to give direction to their parents, so they may help the child develop this ability. In this way, they may transform something that can seem scary into the beautiful gift that it is, bringing confidence and an authentic sense of self to the child.


As Henderson makes clear, children with these abilities feel different from those around them and if the reason is not understood and validated, the child can suffer in myriad ways, including low self-esteem and acting out. As a working Psychic Medium myself, I can attest that I have always felt different. It is a difficult thing to have what you know to be true, denied and ignored by friends and loved ones. Although this continues to a degree, now in middle age, I have the tools and self-confidence to manage it. How nice it would’ve been to have developed these tools as a young child.


To create a better world, we need enlightenment through recognizing that magic and miracles happen every day if we allow them. Yoga, breathing exercises and creating psychic art are just a few ways Henderson suggests your child can get started. I highly recommend this book for parents and teachers alike and for anyone who would like to get in touch with the magic that is.”

~ Tamara Hunter-Hermann

“Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children is an incredible book that lights a pathway for parents and intuitive children to follow while also giving them both support and guidance on their spiritual journeys. Michelle Henderson is brilliant in covering every aspect of how to help and support your intuitive child in a specific customized manner. This book will help parents and intuitive children with insight into these gifts and will inspire them both to help embrace and develop these special gifts. This book is a must have for all parents and children with special gifts that need to be developed and shared with all who walk this path on our planet.” 

~ Nikki Pattillo

International Author at Ozark Mountain Publishing/TV subject matter expert on psychic children, The History Channel and BRAVO

Michelle Henderson has written an important book shining light on the previously hidden, unaddressed truths about the experiences and challenges faced by our intuitive, highly sensitive children. Historically, when these kids shared what they were seeing, hearing, feeling, receiving, living, they were told that they were crazy and/or lying and/or dreaming and/or bad. Michelle has written a compassionate and practical hands-on guide for parents, children, and the light-worker community who is in service to them, providing advice and several tools to make the nonlocal path a bit easier.


My son, Ethan, 16, has severe autism, limiting his ability to speak or calmly process the flood of sensory (and extra-sensory) input we all receive every day. However, he has written about his experience of his own autism as a spiritual journey—and this widened perception and insight has changed my life. The resulting conversations have blown me open to a perspective of everyday life that naturally includes psychic, energetic, spiritual, and so many other realms of reality beyond what is perceived by our physical and emotional senses. Ethan has typed about knowing God, living in heaven (a place of “spectacular energy”) before coming to earth, choosing to come here with challenges and why, and above all, the need for humanity to accept and love each other unconditionally. To focus on the holy essence of the human being, interconnected with all creation as part of the One, not on any labels that impose judgment or sense of being “other,” “weird,” or “stranger".


Michelle touches on this core concept throughout her book, which is why I felt drawn to step in here and speak to future readers on her behalf. I love this idea of “spiritual nurturing for intuitive children” and of “training parents to embrace their psychic child’s abilities”! Yes, indeed, embrace your child’s gifts, in concert with embracing your own. It is in recognizing, appreciating, exploring, and celebrating every human’s gifts that we connect with and love them and they with us. This is the path to peace on earth, the fulfillment of the prophecy of the time of beating swords into plowshares, the elimination of war and discord and fear. When we listen to our intuitive kids, and realize that the divine is not far away, but is in this very breath we take, in this other person’s smile, in the glimpses revealed in everyday life when we lift the veil—or allow those more sensitive than we are to help us lift it—we know in our deepest knowing that love is the matrix of reality and there is truly nothing to fear.


We parents of special needs children have extra wisdom in this area of acceptance of "what is” and understanding that to teach we must meet our students where they are. Presume competence, even in the face of doubt. Presume good intentions, even if you wonder if your child has motives you don’t like. Presume and look for what is good and right and strong and wise—and you will find it. Your sensitive kids will know and feel when you shift your focus, (Michelle’s tools and tips are very helpful for the “how” of this), and will relax into being accepted and loved. Then, you can watch the goodness and peace unfold that are the fruits of being nurtured as they need and so deserve to be. Supported by Michelle’s book, you and your intuitive child will continue to guide and learn from each other, in the natural order of giving and receiving that defines love.

~ Heidi Rome, MBA

Author of You Just Have to Love Me: Mothering Instructions from my Autistic Child

"First, let me just say it is so refreshing to see a book of this caliber hitting the market. It is long overdo and the need for this type of book is huge. Being a veteran teacher of 29 years and a medium myself, I can affirm the need for guidance in raising or working with intuitive children. More and more children are being born with extraordinary psychic abilities. Parents and educators are not prepared for how to help these children. Spiritual Nurturing for Intuitive Children is a brilliantly written book for helping parents, educators and others understand the intuitive child while giving them the support they need to help these children. It is sound advice for anyone working with intuitive children." 

~ Kay Reynolds

Author, The Evidential Medium: A Practical Guide for Developing Mediumship

"Michelle Henderson's book is a great beginning point to help intuitive children thrive"

~ Maureen Healy

Author, The Energetic Keys to Indigo Kids


I dedicate this book to our intuitive children who experience metaphysical events and to those who teach these children how to embrace their spiritual gifts. Our world needs our children to teach what true love and acceptance really is.

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