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Work with Michelle

 Channeled Readings 

These are the things that I want you to gain after completing a reading session with me:

  • To be reassured that there is an afterlife and to find closure after a loved one crosses over.

  • To recognize that there is a spiritual realm that helps you along your life journey.

  • To find spiritual uplifting in grasping that there is hope on the other side of a difficult situation. 

  • To grasp the concept of faith and have the confidence that each step of your journey is one step closer to finding your true spiritual self. 


Channeled Messages

Welcome to Michelle's Spiritual Channeling Service, a sacred space where divine wisdom flows through channels connecting the earthly realm with the celestial. Michelle serves as a conduit for profound guidance, drawing upon the energies of God, Jesus, Spirit Guides, and Angels to illuminate your spiritual path and facilitate healing in your life.

Through her channeling sessions, Michelle opens the channels to receive insights, messages, and divine guidance, providing a unique and personal connection to the spiritual realm. Whether you seek clarity on your spiritual journey or yearn for healing in various aspects of your life, Michelle's channeling sessions offer a direct link to the higher energies that surround and guide us.

In addition to verbal channeling, Michelle harnesses the spiritual world through the medium of art. This unique approach allows for a visual and symbolic representation of the messages and energies that wish to manifest. Through art, she translates the ethereal into tangible, creating a visual language that speaks directly to the soul.

Embrace the transformative power of spiritual channeling with Michelle, where the divine meets the earthly in a harmonious dance of guidance, healing, and spiritual insight. Step into a realm where the unseen becomes palpable, and the wisdom of the spiritual world becomes a guiding force in your journey.


Meet Sarah

I'm absolutely thrilled to introduce you to a profoundly enlightening experience. In this sacred space, we'll be graced by the presence of Sarah—an extraordinary entity who once walked among us, intimately acquainted with the teachings of the divine, alongside none other than Jesus himself. As I open myself to channel Sarah's celestial wisdom, prepare to receive profound spiritual messages that resonate deeply with the core of your being. Sarah's insights echo the timeless truths and profound love that Jesus wished to impart to humanity. Each message is a beacon of light, a sacred gift bestowed upon those seeking guidance, clarity, and a deeper connection with the divine. She extends her hand to you, offering individual messages that are uniquely tailored to your spiritual journey.


Channeled Readings: 45 minutes 


Welcome to a transformative experience with Michelle, your spiritual guide and channel to the ethereal realms. If you find yourself seeking life guidance on your spiritual journey, yearning for spiritual healing infused with God's essence, or desiring a connection with a departed loved one, Michelle is here to facilitate a profound and personalized experience for you.

Through her unique channeling abilities, Michelle serves as a conduit to the spiritual world, offering messages, guidance, and healing that resonate with the core of your being. Whether you're in need of insights from your past lives, seeking to connect with your spirit guides and angels, or simply yearning for a deeper understanding of your spiritual path, Michelle's channeling sessions provide a direct link to the wisdom and energies that transcend our earthly existence.

With compassion and authenticity, Michelle taps into the divine to bring forth the information and guidance essential for your spiritual journey. Embrace the opportunity to receive the clarity, healing, and connection you seek as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Let Michelle be your guide as you navigate the intricacies of your spiritual quest, opening doors to the unseen and uncovering the guidance you need to fulfill your spiritual potential.


Channeled Spiritual Art 


Step into a realm of unique spiritual insight with Michelle's Channeled Art Readings. Through her extraordinary abilities, Michelle creates profound connections to the spiritual world using the medium of art. Experience the depth of her talent as she crafts channeled readings that go beyond mere words, providing a visual and symbolic representation of the energies and messages that seek expression.

In her channeled art readings, Michelle captures the essence of loved ones who have crossed over, creating a visual "likeness" accompanied by a heartfelt message from the spiritual realm. This deeply personal and symbolic representation serves as a powerful conduit for messages that transcend the ordinary, offering solace, healing, and a tangible connection to the other side.

Furthermore, Michelle can channel messages directly through art, providing a visual narrative that speaks to the core of your being. Whether seeking guidance, insights, or simply a unique form of spiritual communication, Michelle's art pieces become a portal to the divine, unlocking the wisdom and messages that await discovery.

Embark on a journey of spiritual exploration and connection, where art becomes a language of the soul, and messages from the spiritual realm are woven into visual masterpieces. Michelle's Channeled Art Readings offer a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to receive guidance and messages in a form that transcends the ordinary boundaries of communication.


Family Services: Parent Support for Families and Psychic Children

$75.00 per hour

Empower your intuitive child and transform fear into strength with Michelle's specialized support program. If you're a parent struggling to understand and nurture your child's psychic abilities, or if your child is experiencing fear or confusion surrounding their intuitive gifts, Michelle is here to guide you through a personalized journey of empowerment.

In your initial In-Take Session, Michelle will work closely with you to assess your child's unique needs and experiences. Together, you'll collaboratively design a tailored program that best supports and embraces your child's intuitive abilities. Michelle will outline weekly goals for both you and your child, providing a structured framework for cultivating a positive and empowering environment.

Through this program, your child will gain valuable insights and learn strategies and techniques to navigate and control their abilities with confidence. Michelle's approach is rooted in fostering a sense of empowerment, ensuring that the spiritual journey becomes an exciting and enriching adventure rather than a source of fear.

Imagine witnessing your child not only overcoming fear but also harnessing their intuitive abilities to feel powerful and in control. Michelle's program is designed to instill resilience and confidence in your child, laying the foundation for a future where their spiritual gifts become a source of strength and growth.

Take the first step toward supporting your child on their spiritual journey by contacting Michelle today. Together, let's unlock the incredible potential within your intuitive child and help them thrive in a world where their abilities are embraced with understanding and empowerment.


Personal Mentoring with Michelle 

$75.00 per hour

Embark on a transformative journey with Michelle as your guide, and elevate your spiritual gifts to new heights. Whether you're at the beginning of your path or seeking to deepen your abilities as a psychic or medium, Michelle offers personalized guidance to empower you on your spiritual journey.

With Michelle's expertise, you'll gain the confidence to step into your role as a psychic or medium, armed with a strengthened toolbox to bring healing to others. Michelle's guidance extends beyond individual development; she is dedicated to helping you create and grow your spiritual business.

Discover and amplify your spiritual gifts under Michelle's mentorship, unlocking the full potential of your intuitive abilities. From honing your skills as a psychic to connecting with the spirit world as a medium, Michelle's guidance is tailored to your unique strengths and aspirations.

Moreover, Michelle will impart invaluable knowledge on working with intuitive children, equipping you to navigate this unique aspect of the spiritual realm. As you journey with Michelle, you'll not only become proficient in your abilities but also learn how to share your gifts with compassion and authenticity.

Are you ready to embrace the next chapter of your spiritual evolution? Contact Michelle today, and let her expertise guide you in creating a fulfilling and impactful spiritual practice. Together, you'll craft a pathway to success, empowerment, and the profound healing of others.

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Ready to Work with Michelle?

Kind Words From Clients

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"If you need stepping stones to spiritual guidance, Michelle is perfect for that. She can guide you through her spiritual gift to enlighten you on where you currently are and the future of relationships, financial, health, etc. You will not be disappointed!"

~ Judy M.

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To be reassured that there is an afterlife.


To find closure after a loved one passes over.


To know that there is a spiritual realm that helps

you along your life journey.


To find spiritual uplifting & grasp that there is hope 

on the other side during a difficult time.


To have faith and confidence that each step of your journey brings you closer to finding your true spiritual self.


And to know that you are not alone on this journey.

What I want For You - 

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All sessions are for adults 18 years or older. All information is offered for personal and entertainment purposes and is not intended at any time to replace the advice, counsel or recommendations of any medical, psychological, legal or financial expert, or any other professional services. Mediumship and Psychic work is experimental in nature and information imparted during a session is open to interpretation. Clients are advised that they have free will at all times to make their own choices, and Michelle Henderson shall not be held responsible for the actions they may or may not take as a result of the session.

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