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A Confession from a Psychic Medium

We all have moments in our lives that not only challenge us but also helps us grow spiritually. Working as a psychic medium, I spend countless hours attending workshops fine-tuning my abilities, meditating, praying, and completing readings for clients.

During readings, there is nothing more spiritual than connecting with the divine, spirit team, and angels to help heal those that come to me. As a light worker, I am reminded that the client and I are living a human experience. Not all readings go smoothly due to the human condition. Frequently, my intuition knowledge, interpretation of the messages or symbols from the cards, and the words that I use to communicate to the clients can be overwhelming for them. Many clients have experienced past traumas and can be triggered emotionally by the information that comes from a reading. As a result, they might be quick to anger and become verbally abusive.

Lightworkers need to remember that we are a channel to the spirit world, and the healing process is not about us. The messages clients receive during a reading is meant only for them. When a client gets angry, it is difficult not to take it personally. Actually, the client is getting angry at the spirit who is channeling through a light worker.

We need to keep the communication flowing between us and the client to make sure that there are no miscommunications, hurt feelings toward us, or confusion about the information that was given. If we as lightworkers become offended by what a client says to us about a reading, we need to work on our own triggers and feelings. Remember, becoming a psychic medium is not about us.

I confess. Working as a psychic medium, I tend to take a client’s hurtful words personally. But this is what makes me human! I will continue to heal others through spirit and work on my own insecurities. I am always amazed at the miracles and healing that spirit brings to each of my clients, and I’m ecstatic that I am a part of this process.

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