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An Animal Companion Blessing

As I looked deep into her eyes the moment she left, I remembered all of the blessings that she brought to my life. She was always excited when I walked through my front door, loved me unconditionally when I needed it the most, listened to my problems when I needed someone to listen to me, showed love to every member of my family, and showed me that life can be simple just by living in the moment.

God has blessed not only me but many of us with an animal companion. My blessing was a border collie named Luna. When we find ourselves opening our lives to include our animal companions, we give them a piece of ourselves and our lives. I have always wondered why dogs live such short lives. As a medium, I am able to answer this question from a different point of view. I believe that we are given a spiritual team that helps guide us throughout our life journey. Our animal companions can enter our lives when we need them the most, when we are learning a life’s lesson, or when we need to heal emotionally and physically. When I reflect on the dogs that have entered my life, I realize that each one had a different personality, and fulfilled a piece of my life that needed their assistance. They are only a part of our lives for such a short time, but they leave so many memories, love, and lessons behind.

Matt Fraser, America’s Top Psychic Medium, produced a video on YouTube, Pet Heaven, and the After Life discusses what happens to our animal companions after they die. One concept that Matt talks about is Soul Reassignment. These assignments happen when souls connect and not are blood-related. People may be closer to their step-dad than their biological dad and this is considered a soul reassignment. The same soul connection happens with our animal companions. Frequently, when I complete mediumship readings, I will have a client’s childhood dog connect with me and this dog will always show me that he/she is with another family member that played a huge part in my client’s life.

Many people wonder if they are going to see their animal companions when they die. YES! Our animal companions will be waiting for us to guide us to the other side. They will also be a wonderful addition to our spirit team that can send us signs, connect with us in our dreams, and be our protectors similar to angels during our lifetime.

As I gazed into Luna’s dark brown eyes as she took her last breath, I could feel the energy in the room change. As her soul left her body, she gave me the sign that she was still with me. Just in a different form. I believe that Luna is still doing what she loved to do on Earth—catching frisbees, chasing squirrels, and sending love. What a spiritual gift from God!

Luna Crossed Over on 3/3/23.

Matt Fraser: Pet Heaven & the Afterlife YouTube Video

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