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Living Life as an Empath

Have you been told that you are too sensitive and that you worry too much? Do you feel uncomfortable in crowds? Are you deeply affected by the different emotions that others display? You might be a sweet loving empath!

Jennifer Moore, the author of Empathic Mastery, defined what an empath is on Michelle’s Inspiration Hour Podcast. She stated, “A person who picks up the thoughts, feelings, energy & sensations of the world around them. Unlike someone who is an intuitive or a psychic medium, they know they are picking up information from the outside world. Empaths pick this information up but process it like it is their own. When an empath walks into a room, they may ask, “Why am I feeling so sad?” However, when a psychic walks into a room, they may say, “The energy feels sad in this room.”

Living a life as an empath is no easy task. As humans, we need a connection with others, and as an empath, this connection is deeper and more emotional. Empaths feel that it is their life duty to help and make life easier and more joyful for those who suffer. They not only listen to these problematic scenarios, but they feel every piece in their souls. Many empaths will gravitate towards negative people which brings toxicity into their lives. This additional toxicity will drain and eventually cause the empath to become ill not only mentally but also physically.

How can empaths make life bearable? First, as an empath, they need to admit and embrace who they truly are- an empath. They need to make sure they know themselves. When they begin to feel sad but have not been in a situation that has made them sad, they need to determine if the feelings of being sad are their own. Setting boundaries is also important. These boundaries will allow the empath to function in their daily lives and not feel overwhelmed, anxious, and overall, exhausted. Once an empath begins to feel emotionally and physically drained, self-care is essential. Being out in nature, meditating, exercising, walking animal companions, taking salt baths, creating art, or talking to a therapist are many activities that can recharge an empath.

The world needs empathic people! Everyone needs to be reminded of how to deeply connect with other human beings. Empaths bring us hope, inspiration, love, and the understanding the world needs. If you have identified yourself as an empath, ask yourself, “Am I up for this challenge?”

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